Low Carb Beer Comparison Chart

Low Carb Beer Comparison Chart
Are you a fan of beer? Working on a low carb lifestyle? Here's a comparison chart of the various low carb beers and malt beverages on the market, to help you find one you enjoy!

It's important to note that beer makers are constantly fine tuning their formulas and tweaking the nutritional values in them. Beer values can even vary from location to location. Many low carb beers now list their nutritional information on the label, so always go with what the label says for the final word.

Low carb beers are lighter in flavor. You should do everything you can to bring out as much of the beer's flavor as you can. Store the cans/bottles away from sunlight so they do not get skunked. Did you know light can skunk a beer in Under a Minute?

For the best flavor, do not drink the beer out of the bottle or can. Pour it into a glass and let the foam settle. It should be served right from the fridge. If you can, store a few beer glasses in the freezer so you can serve your beer in the frosted glass.

Click on any name below to read the full review of that low carb beer or malt beverage.

Beer Carbs Cal % Alc Oz/Svg
Amstel Light 5.0g 95 3.5% 12oz
Beck's Premier Light 3.9g 64 3.5% 12oz
Bud Light 6.6g 110 4.2% 12oz
Bud Light Lime 8.0g 116 4.2% 12oz
Bud Light Platinum 4.4g 137 6.0% 12oz
Bud Select 3.1g 99 4.3% 12oz
Bud Select 55 1.9g 55 2.4% 12oz
Busch Light 6.7g 110 4.2% 12oz
Coors Light 5.0g 102 4.2% 12oz
Corona Light 5.0g 105 4.5% 12oz
DAB Dortmunder Export --- 150 5.4% 11.2oz
Guinness 17.6g 194 6.0% 12oz
Heineken Light 6.8g 99 3.2% 12oz
I.C. Light 2.8g 95 4.2% 12oz
Keystone Light 5.0g 104 4.2% 12oz
Labatt Blue Light 7.6g 108 4.0% 11.5oz
Michelob Light 11.7g 134 4.3% 12oz
Michelob Ultra 2.6g 95 4.2% 12oz
Michelob Ultra Amber 3.7g 114 5.0% 12oz
Michelob Ult Lt Cider 10.0g 120 4.0% 12oz
Michelob Ult Lime Cact 5.5g 95 4.0% 12oz
Michelob Ult Pom Rasp 5.5g 95 4.0% 12oz
Mike's Light Lemonade 6.0g 84 4.0% 11.2oz
Miller MGD Light 64 2.4g 64 2.8% 12oz
Miller Lite 3.2g 96 4.5% 12oz
Milwaukee's Best Light 3.5g 98 4.5% 12oz
Natural Light 3.2g 95 4.2% 12oz
Sam Adams Light 7.6g 119 4.3% 12oz
San Mig Light 3.2g 107 5.0% 12oz
Sapporo Light 8.5g 119 4.0% 12oz
Sleeman Clear 2.0g 80 4.0% 11.5oz

Beer No Longer Available Carbs Cal % Alc Oz/Svg
Accel 2.4g 89 4.0% 12oz
Aspen Edge 2.6g 94 4.1% 12oz
Bootie Beer 2.6g -- --- 12oz
Coastal Light 3.9g 95 3.6% 12oz
DAB Low Carb 2.0g 92 --- 12oz
Edison Light 6.5g 109 4.0% 12oz
Labatt Sterling 2.5g 12oz
Mich Ult Tuscan Or Gr 6.0g 107 4.2% 12oz
Rhinebecker Extra 2.5g 106 5.0% 11.2oz
Rock Green Light 2.6g 92 - 12oz
Thin Ice 1.0g 90 4.2% 12oz

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